BarkScientists™ Bark Control

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Too Much Excessive Barking?

If you've been dealing with too much barking. We at BarkScientists™  have everything needed to stop your dog from barking seamlessly.

Programmed only to respond to the barking of dogs. This device only triggers after a couple barks. This makes sure that there are no false-triggers.

With the BarkScientists™ Bark Control, it emits a sound not hearable by humans and therefor will only affect the dog. This is a silent, hands-free, pain-free, and humane way of training your dog to stop barking.

You can use this both indoors & outdoors to train your dog. You can have different settings and frequencies so that we can work on all types, shapes and sizes of dogs.
 We love dogs and we love to train dogs, and so we've made this anti barking device to help provide a solution to stop unwanted barking.

When To Use It

If you're looking to...

  • Stop your dogs from barking while working or on a meeting at home
  • Stop your neighbor's dog barking in a discrete way
  • Stop your dogs from barking at night for a good sleep

... or simply you see yourself using this. 

... Then this is a must-have!

Shipping & Returns

We ship worldwide from the United States. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee and free exchange with life-time warranty.

We process the product for 0-2 business days depending on the day of the week.

Then it takes 2-4 business days in transit once your package is shipped.

About Us

We're a brand that helps educate dog parents on becoming better dog parents.

Part of that is creating great products. Another part of that is community and education!

Founded back in 2022, that's been our main mission since.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this harm me or my dog?


This does not harm you or your dog. It emits a calming sound only your dog can hear. It grabs your dog's attention. It does not hurt your eardrums, nor your dogs.

Does this suppress my dog's natural behavior?


This does not affect your dog's natural instinct to bark. This is a common misunderstanding.

This device will just train your dog to stop barking at unwanted times. It is used to assist you at times when you are training your dog. Your dog will still have the ability to alert you about danger and bark at intruders. We all love our furry friends and understand their need to bark!

How far does the sound reach?

We have varying levels of sensitivity that affect distance.

The device is effective up to 30 feet of distance.

How does it work?

This device was made in collaboration with veterinarians and dog behavioral experts. It is recommended to combine this device with verbal praising and treats.

This device makes a safe and gentle noise which only your dog can hear. We won't hear it, but dogs can hear on a much higher frequency than humans.

If your dog is barking, the device will scan for the bark, then, it will grab its attention and calm it down from barking.

What does the package include?

Inside our custom packaging, you will receive:

  • 1x Anti-bark device
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Instruction book

How does shipping work?

We process the product for 0-2 business days depending on the day of the week.

Then it takes 2-4 business days in transit once your package is shipped.

We stand behind our product with a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely happy with the device, please contact us for a replacement or refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Jacquelin Ong
As advertised

This dog silencer is like my newfound superhero against incessant barking. Easy to set up, it turned my noisy neighborhood into a serene haven without breaking a sweat – worth every penny for the peace it brings!

Bye barkfest!

So, I caved and got myself a dog silencer, and lemme tell ya, it's been a game-changer. Living in a neighborhood where it seems like every dog is competing against my dog for the "Most Decibels in a Bark" award, I needed a solution, pronto. But here's the real kicker – the range is legit. I've got a decent backyard, and I put this bad boy around to cover the whole thing. It's like having a noise-canceling button for your entire outdoor space.

Ubdulia Muhamad

After thorough research, I decided to try out a dog silencer, and the difference was noticeable almost immediately. The device is compact, easy to install, and operates on a humane ultrasonic frequency that only dogs can hear. It doesn't harm the pets but effectively captures their attention, curbing excessive barking.

Charmaine G.
It works

I have a small dog and no amount of distraction could make her stop barking until she gets tired... I was hesitant that this would work! Because the first time I used it, she looked at the machine and stopped barking. I could tell that she understood that we were signalling to her, BUT.... you need to make the message clear so that it's effective. For the times that she continued to bark, we incorporated some training and treats with it - so yeah, a little extra effort but it worked full proof for making her listen when we tell her to stop.

Perfect for me

Bought this for our dog who barks at just about any noise which is challenging living in townhouse and also work from home. After installing the 9v battery the first time he started barking I turned it on and he reacted instantly by stopping barking. I don't keep it on always just been turning it on low when he's near me and starts barking and happy to say it quiets him up instantly.